What Is Chlorella


Pure Natural Chlorella Tablets


What Is Chlorella ?

Chlorella is a natural single celled fresh water green algae,

Chlorella has existed on earth for well over two million years.

Chlorella is a fantastic natural whole super food.


The Dutch scientist M W Beijerinck found this alga in 1890
and called it Chlorella (Chloros = green) + (Ella = small).

Chlorella is not a medicine, it is a natural plant.

Chlorella is superior to Spirulina and wheat grass !

We sell the Vulgaris Chlorella strain which is superior to Pyrenoidosa.


Pure Tank Cultivation

Sealed indoor cultivation prevents the problems that outdoor pools may

have from open to the air tanks.


No Preservatives,

No Pesticides,

No Fungicides,

No Radiation,

No GMO - Genetically modified organisms,

No Synthetic Binders, Fillers or Additives.

YES = Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
YES = Yeast and Dairy Free.


Tablet size is 250mg

Easy to swallow tablet size of 250mg


Chlorella Health Benefits

Chlorella contains the highest chlorophyll content
of any known plant in our whole eco system.
Chlorophyll helps build up the oxygen carrying
red blood cells in our bodies.


Chlorella is an alkaline food and helps our bodies maintain a neutral Ph to ward off the effects of modern acid food products we consume.


Chlorella also helps us control stress by balancing out the acid produced by our bodies when stressed out to more managable levels.

Our Chlorella Tablets contains 60.6% protein by weight.
Chlorella is an excellent antioxidant, helping by cleaning out and removing poisonous substances from our body.


We naturally store heavy metals from various sources and Chlorella can help flush our our digestive system and all the junk that has been stored up,

like cadmium Mercury and Pesticides DDT and PCB's.


Chlorella promotes positive digestion control flow, try it and see !


Chlorella removes toxins from the body and strengthening the bodys immune system via Dextoxification or a detox.

Chlorella contains essential nutrients amino acids.




Chlorella contains

19 essential amino acids and nutrients with Chlorella growth factor (CGF).
see our full list here - http://chlorella.co.uk/chlorella-ingredients/


Chlorella is a 100% A Natural Wonder Food !


No synthetic binders, fillers or additives
Yeast and Dairy Free
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Our Chlorella Tablets are packed in high quality
air tight vacuum sealed foil packs for freshness.

We advise that you use an air tight container which are readily available from shops, to help keep your Chlorella in the best fresh condition.

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Caution note:

Chlorella nutritional supplements for Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to use caution and follow the
advice of their healthcare professional since the effects of chlorella have not been fully studied on these groups.

Also Caution is advised for people known to be sensitive or allergic to iodine. or People using the blood thinning drug known as Coumadin (warfarin) are advised to completely avoid chlorella, or use caution and follow the advice of their healthcare professional because some chlorella supplements contain high amounts of vitamin K that may affect the inhibition of blood clots.


Chlorella Specification Sheet - Spec
Chlorella Heavy Metal Content Information Sheet

Have a look at the metal content of your food - Chlorella is by far the cleanest.

see the links below








The average vegetable contains minute amounts of heavy metals - Chlorella can help to expel them,

also make sure the Chlorella you buy is from a clean source, why chance it with the cheap Chlorella.